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Sailing adventures from Bayfield, Wisconsin in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

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True North Sailing Charters in Bayfield, Wisconsin is committed to providing guests with a unique and safe Apostle Islands sailing experience. Help hoist the sails or sit back and relax as we navigate the gorgeous waterways of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands on a classic sailboat. We look forward to helping create magical moments with you and sailing into the sunset! Our boat is a clean green sailing machine, powered with a silent electric motor.

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Sailing Adventures

Sailing trips depart from our slip location in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Overnight trips available upon request. 


Bayfield Adventure Sail

A 2 hour, 15 minute sail out of Bayfield, Wisconsin.  Set sail on Lake Superior and enjoy the sights of the North or West Channel, LaPointe, Madeline, Basswood and the surrounding islands.  Meet at our dock located in Bayfield. 

$80 per person 

(Private options available) 


Apostle Islands Excursion

A 5 Hour sailing experience in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  Trip routes are dependent on wind and weather conditions that day as well as your preference but possibilities include visiting the sandstone shorelines, sand-spits and lighthouses in the surrounding area on Hermit, Oak, or Long Island.  We tow a dinghy along for the opportunity explore the shoreline or beaches during the trip.


(Full boat reserved, includes up to 6 people) 


Full Day in the Islands

A Full Day Sailing Adventure in the Islands.  Launch from Bayfield, Wisconsin and depending on wind and weather conditions as well as your preference set sail for Stockton, Raspberry or Manitou Islands.  Visit the historic fishing camp, Stockton Island hiking trails, or the remote Raspberry Island Lighthouse.  We tow a dinghy along for the opportunity to explore the shoreline or beaches during the trip.


(Full boat reserved, includes up to 6 people) 

If we are not able to go out due to weather or if you do not think it would be a good experience (due to rain, cold, etc.) you have the option to either reschedule or have a full refund.



Our experience was amazing! Very relaxing! Captain Abe was very knowledgeable and even let us help him during our sailing tour. We would definitely recommend them to everyone!

It was a very pleasant time. Dusty was so helpful. The boat was in great shape. I could not have asked for any thing more.

Joshua Clark.jpg

Our family of four enjoyed our sail outing tremendously. The skipper is kind and helpful, the lake and islands are beautiful, and sailing is too fun. Half of us helped crew the boat, and half of us just sat back and took it all in. Highly recommend.


Step aboard "Starling" our classic sailing yacht and feel the outside world melt away. Close your eyes. Feel the sun on your face. Breathe in the fresh Lake Superior air. Listen to the wind fill the sails and feel the waves slap against the hull.

A sailing tour offers a unique and special experience you won’t find anywhere on land. See Bayfield, Wisconsin and the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore from a new perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve a private trip?

Yes! Private tours are available for up to six guests. Enjoy a romantic escape, plan the perfect anniversary, or create a one-of-a-kind family adventure. For larger groups, check out our group sailing charters.

What should I wear?

On Lake Superior, the wind can add a chill to the air any time of the year. Be sure to check the weather forecast on the day of your sail, and consider bringing a light jacket just in case. Storage for personal gear is available below deck in the cabin. Light-colored clothing with long sleeves can help reduce the effects of the sun. You may wish to bring sunscreen along for your trip.

Where are you located?

We are located at the address below in Bayfield, Wisconsin. There is a small parking lot available for you to utilize and a public park as well. Look for the blue and white sailboat located in the cut directly across from the Orange Coast Guard building. True North Sailing Charters
232 S 1st Street
Bayfield, WI 54814

Can I help?

Yes! We are always happy to "show the ropes" and talk sailing. There are many opprotunties around the boat from raising sails to manning the helm, just let us know.

Is there a restroom aboard the boat?

Starling is equipped with modest, unisex restroom located in below deck. Space and amenities are limited; we recommend using the public restroom before beginning your trip located in the parking lot next to the boat.

What about bad weather?

If we are not able to go out due to weather or if you do not think it would be a good experience (due to rain, cold, etc.) you have the option to either reschedule or have a full refund. Lake Superior is notorious for it's quickly changing weather events and conditions. Weather forecasts often change dramaticaly up until your trip departure. We will do everything we can to get you out on the water safely! We ask for flexibilty in situations where weather and other events are out of our control. Ulitimately our wish is to provide a good customer experience and clear communication for you, whether or not we are able to get out on the water.

Will I get seasick?

Seasickness is a reaction to unfamiliar motion while aboard a vessel. While most guests do not experience seasickness, a small percentage of people may be prone to seasickness. In our experience, this often includes people susceptible to other forms of motion sickness. If you do get seasick, it’s OK! Alert a crew member and we can help you overcome it. To help reduce your chances of becoming seasick: Stay above deck and breathe fresh air Look to the horizon, instead of into a phone or book Avoid the restroom and cabin area Get plenty of shade and avoid direct sunlight Sail on a full stomach, and avoid foods that may upset you

Are lifejackets required?

Children 13 and under are required by state law to wear a lifejacket while on the boat. We do have kids lifejackets available but they may be more comfortable if you are able to bring their own that they are used to. Contact us for more details or sizing. Lifejackets are optional for 14 and over, we have comfortable low profile inflatable lifejackets available on the boat for those that wish to wear them. Just ask your Captain when you arrive at the boat.

Are there age or weight limits for sailing?

All ages are welcome aboard. If you have any questions regarding a sailing charter, please let us know. There is a baseline level of motion and range of movement required for trips which could include large steps, crouching and/or getting up from a low seated position. While we will do everything we can to accomodate all ages and fitness levels please understand our ability to assist may be limited.

Can I bring food or drinks?

Yes! Feel free to bring whatever food or drinks would make your trip enjoyable. There is plenty of room below deck for coolers and packs.



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